Using Big Data Science to Understand What Goes on in Our Heads

Created by Joshua T. (jovo) Vogelstein


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Humans: Raise Your Hands

Humans with >1/2 a Brain

Lower Your Hands

Mountain View

Any Non-Human Animals in the hizzouse?

Mountain View

What's Special about Brains?

How Many Brains on Earth?

Species Quantity
Humans 7,415,331,700+
Cows 1,500,000,00
Honeybees 10,000,000,000,000
Honey Badgers ?

Goals of the Hour

  • have fun
  • learn some stuff about big brain data
  • not sound like john cleese
    (ask questions if i do)

What is Neuroscience?

What is a Brain?

What is a Multi-Spectral Brain?

What is a Living Brain?

What is a See-Through Brain?

What is a Human Brain Network?

How do we learn about the mind-brain relationship from big data?



  • who will this impact?
  • how much will it impact them?
  • what do we already know about this?
  • how might we make progress?
  • what might impede progress?
  • who else can contribute?
  • what can i most passionately contribute?

Don't consider

is it possible?


  • hierarchical memory
  • small # of disk accesses
  • multiscale representation



  • geometric stitch
  • chromatic correction
  • segment
  • semantic label


  • matrices
  • shapes
  • graphs
  • time-series

Are brain networks independent of creativity?

Are male brain networks different from female brain networks?

Are synapses distributed uniformly in cortex?

Are there different types of synapses?

And so much more....

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