Open Connectome Project

Enabling big-data neuroscience


Our goal is to work together with neuro experimentalists to discover fundamental principles governing the relationship between mind and brain, via building and deploying open source data-driven tools that run at scale


All data are hosted in AWS on the Open NeuroData Registry


J. T. Vogelstein, E. Perlman, B. Falk, A. Baden, W. Gray Roncal, V. Chandrashekhar, F. Collman, S. Seshamani, J. L. Patsolic, K. Lillaney, M. Kazhdan, R. Hider, D. Pryor, J. Matelsky, T. Gion, P. Manavalan, B. Wester, M. Chevillet, E. T. Trautman, K. Khairy, E. Bridgeford, D. M. Kleissas, D. J. Tward, A. K. Crow, B. Hsueh, M. A. Wright, M. I. Miller, S. J. Smith, R. J. Vogelstein, K. Deisseroth, and R. Burns. A Community-Developed Open-Source Computational Ecosystem for Big Neuro Data. Nature Methods, (11)15:846–847, 2018.

D. Kleissas, R. Hider, D. Pryor, T. Gion, P. Manavalan, J. Matelsky, A. Baden, K. Lillaney, R. Burns, D. D’Angelo, W. Gray Roncal, and B. Wester. The Block Object Storage Service (bossDB): A Cloud-Native Approach for Petascale Neuroscience Discovery. bioRxiv, 2017.

J. T. Vogelstein, B. Mensh, M. Häusser, N. Spruston, A. C. Evans, K. Kording, K. Amunts, C. Ebell, J. Muller, M. Telefont, S. Hill, S. P. Koushika, C. Calì, P. A. Valdés-Sosa, P. B. Littlewood, C. Koch, S. Saalfeld, A. Kepecs, H. Peng, Y. O. Halchenko, G. Kiar, M. M. Poo, J. B. Poline, M. P. Milham, A. P. Schaffer, R. Gidron, H. Okano, V. D. Calhoun, M. Chun, D. M. Kleissas, R. J. Vogelstein, E. Perlman, R. Burns, R. Huganir, and M. I. Miller. To the Cloud! A Grassroots Proposal to Accelerate Brain Science Discovery. Neuron, (3)92:622–627, 2016.

R. Burns, J. T. Vogelstein, and A. S. Szalay. From cosmos to connectomes: The evolution of data-intensive science. Neuron, (6)83:1249–1252, 2014.

R. Burns, W. G. Roncal, D. Kleissas, K. Lillaney, P. Manavalan, E. Perlman, D. R. Berger, D. D. Bock, K. Chung, L. Grosenick, N. Kasthuri, N. C. Weiler, K. Deisseroth, M. Kazhdan, J. Lichtman, R. C. Reid, S. J. Smith, A. S. Szalay, J. T. Vogelstein, and R. J. Vogelstein. The Open Connectome Project Data Cluster: Scalable Analysis and Vision for High-Throughput Neuroscience. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2013.

People on project

Joshua Vogelstein
Randal Burns
Benjamin Falk


NeuroNex Technology Hub: Integrated Circuit Cracking (ICC) with Linked Tools for Diverse Systems

Synaptomes of Mouse and Man

Sensorimotor processing, decision making, and internal states: towards a realistic multiscale circuit model of the larval zebrafish brain

Connectome Coding at the Synaptic Scale