Lab Responsibilites

Lab Responsibilites

Listed below are the lab responsibilites, with the assigned individuals listed next to them in parenthesis. There can (and should) be more than one individual in charge of each responsibility. There is flexibility in how each individual accomplishes their tasks, so long as it is agreeable to the majority of the lab. If you are in the lab and have not taken ownership of any of these, please make a PR to github to add yourself to one.

Neurodata General Inquisitor (Jong Shin)

If there are general tasks that need to get done (and are not in any of the categories on this page), responsible for determining who would be best suited to the job and delegating/assigning them to it. Also responsible for following up and making sure the task actually gets done. If there are tasks on this page that are not getting done consistently, responsible for pinging whoever is responsible and making sure they start happening.

Reimbursement Advisor (Jong Shin)

Responsible for handling reimbursement for Jovo's expenses. Also serves as an advisor for teaching lab members how to file for reimbursement. Maintains a guide on how to file for different types of reimbursement [Attach Link Here]

Azure Management (Jaewon Chung)

Responsible for monitoring Azure usage and issues. Is knowledgable enough to assist individuals new to Azure.

AWS Management (Thomas Athey, Sambit Panda, Jong Shin)

Responsible for monitoring Amazon Web Services usage and issues. Is knowledgable enough to assist individuals new to AWS.

CircleCI Management (Sambit Panda, Jaewon Chung, Jong Shin)

Responsible for monitoring CircleCI usage and issues.

Neurodata Support Deligator (Javier How, Haoyin Xu)

In charge of checking the email and forwarding questions to the relevant students.

Lab Website (Jong Shin, Thomas Athey)

In charge of approving additions and updates to the website.

Lab Meeting Organizer (Alice Wang)

In charge of making sure that the lab presentation schedule is up to date and rescheduling individuals if necessary.

Lab Cleaning/Maintenance (-)

In charge of organizing monthly(?) cleanings of the lab area as well as making sure that coffee is always available.

Lab Event Organizer (Ben Pedigo)

In charge of lab events/activities that are recreational in nature.

Monthly Hike (-)

Activity temporarily postponed due to COVID-19