M2G: Reliable Human Connectomes At Scale


This page hosts projectomes produced with NeuroData's MRI Graphs pipeline (ndmg). A 'projectome' is a large-scale mapping between regions of the brain, created from fMRI or DTI. Data are from a multitude of labs and experiments. The data are run through ndmg, and after processing, we provide summary statistics, QA, and the projectomes themselves.


Functional MRI

Dataset Covariates Processed fMRI Code
BNU1 [@csv] v0.0.1f
BNU2 [@csv] v0.0.1f
BNU3 [@csv] v0.0.1f
HNU1 [@csv] v0.0.1f
IBATRT [@csv] v0.0.1f
IPCAS1 [@csv] v0.0.1f
IPCAS2 [@csv] v0.0.1f
IPCAS5 [@csv] v0.0.1f
IPCAS6 [@csv] v0.0.1f
IPCAS8 [@csv] v0.0.1f
NYU1 [@csv] v0.0.1f
SWU1 [@csv] v0.0.1f
SWU2 [@csv] v0.0.1f
SWU3 [@csv] v0.0.1f
SWU4 [@csv] v0.0.1f
UWM [@csv] v0.0.1f
XHCUMS [@csv] v0.0.1f


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G. Kiar et al. Example use case of sic with the ndmg pipeline (sic: ndmg). GigaScience Database, 2017.

Previous Pipeline Papers

W. G. Roncal et al. MIGRAINE: MRI graph reliability analysis and inference for connectomics. IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP), 2013., 2013.

Related Papers

D. Mhembere et al. Computing scalable multivariate glocal invariants of large (brain-) graphs. 2013 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, GlobalSIP 2013 - Proceedings, 2013.

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