NeuroData is literally always hiring exceptional individuals. If you think you'd like to work with us in any capacity, please contact us now! Some thoughts that might be useful prior to emailing us to consider further:

  1. We recognize the unique struggles Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and women face in Academia, particularly STEM, and are committed to creating a environment where they feel supported and appreciated. We are interested in all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds, we do not discriminate for any reason, and we are all students at different stages. Please see our code of conduct for more details.
  2. We believe that to maximally flourish requires being in the appropriate environment specifically for you. Each individual benefits from unique circumstances. We wrote this blog post which describes out thoughts on choosing projects, but it is also relevant for choosing teams. If you are reading this far, it seems likely that the kind of work we do is intrinsically motivating for you. Even if not, and you think we could help find a team better aligned with your dreams, please contact us.
  3. To create the most peaceful and productive environment, our team has constructed these agreements, which we all adhere to. This includes treating everyone with respect on the team, and at any team events. See our code of conduct for details. If it seems like that kind of environment would suit you well, please contact us.
  4. If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies with us, there are many different programs that are available. The Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering graduate programs are the most common approach, which includes the MSE and PhD programs, as well as a few others (Tsinghua JHU-BME dual degree and MD/PhD). Note that BME@JHU is the #1 rated BME graduate school in the world according to US News & World Reports. I also sometimes advise students in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Biostatistics, and Neuroscience. If you are interested in graduate studies with us in a different program (e.g., JHU/Janelia, or ECE@JHU), please also feel free to contact us.
  5. If you are already enrolled at JHU and are interested in joining the lab, the simplest route is to enroll in the year-long project-based course we offer called NeuroData Design. A key motivation for offering this course was to ensure that we could work with as many amazing individuals as possible. If for some reason, enrolling in the course does not seem feasible for you, please contact us and we will try to figure out some other arrangement. We also recommend these courses that should prove useful when working in the lab.
  6. If you are a visiting or exchange student, please see JHU's official exchange program overview, and go through the official process; after you do this, contact us to say you applied. It is complicated for legal and bureaucratic reasons to accept visiting/exchange students outside these official programs, although it is possible. So, if those programs do not work for any reason, please contact us.

Dr. Joshua Vogelstein has recently decided to commit his research energy almost entirely on trainees and students, and has therefore drastically reduced the amount of time he spends on email. Please see below further information:

Private meeting with Jovo: Please schedule it here

Potential Teammates: We are stoked! Consider reading our lab agreements and reaching out to team members in addition to finding a time to chat with Jovo directly.

Questions about the lab: email Javier

Questions about NDD class: see website, and email Hao any remaining questions.

Logistics: email Kim Biasucci

Grant pre-award: email Heather Lockard Wheeler

Grant ongoing award: email Dawn Arnold

Feedback: please leave it here

Thank you so much for your understanding. In conclusion, if you plan to chat with faculty or a member of the lab, please be prepared to discuss the following::

  1. Excitement about working on something specific relevant to the individual you are contacting
  2. Relevant background experience
  3. Desired duration and title of position
  4. Up to date cv
  5. Remember, this is just to get your foot in the door.

Good luck!