What is NeuroData?

NeuroData is a collective of individuals dedicated to our mission, and a repository of the data and tools we provide as free and open resources to the community.

What is your software stack?

NeuroData's open-source software ecosystem

NDReg 3D Image Generation Big Data Cloud Statistical Machine Learning NDMG VESICLE PSD Image Analysis DMG LOL RerF MGC Graph- Stats FlashX knor MEDA Render Tera Stitcher Neuro Glancer bossdB NDWeb NDeX TrakEM2

What is the Open Connectome Project?

In 2011, we launched Open Connectome Project, which is an open source software stack of Web-services that store, analyze and visualize large imaging datasets. However, as technology changed, features were added, and scale increased, our academic development team and resources became overwhelmed. We overhauled our custom stack into a community-built and maintained software ecosystem deployed in the commercial cloud, integrating multiple open-source projects and extending them for our needs. The ecosystem enables analyses on disparate datasets by re-using components originally designed for other applications.

Other questions not answered here?

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