Bumbarger et al. (2013)

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Bumbarger13 Viz i Metadata

Example cutout
# pip install numpy tifffile cloud-volume
import numpy as np
import tifffile
from cloudvolume import CloudVolume

vol = CloudVolume(
    "s3://open-neurodata/bumbarger/bumbarger13/image", mip=0, use_https=True

# load data into numpy array
cutout = vol[11776:12288, 12288:12800, 1232:1248]

# save cutout as TIFF
tifffile.imwrite("data.tiff", data=np.transpose(cutout))

Documentation for cloud-volume located here


D. J. Bumbarger, M. Riebesell, C. Rödelsperger, and R. J. Sommer. System-wide rewiring underlies behavioral differences in predatory and bacterial-feeding nematodes. Cell, 2013.

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