About NeuroData

Mission Statement

To flourish together by extending and fusing statistical machine learning and big data science to address the most important brain science and mental health questions of our time.

The Team

Joshua Vogelstein Director
Randal Burns Co-Founder
Carey E. Priebe Faculty
Michael I. Miller Faculty
Misha Kazhdan Faculty
Jesse Leigh Patsolic Assistant Research Engineer
Youngser Park Associate Research Scientist
Ben Falk Software Engineer
Alex Loftus Staff
Jesús Arroyo Postdoc
Disa Mhembere Graduate Student
Drishti Mannan Graduate Student
Eric W Bridgeford Graduate Student
Heather Gaddy Patsolic Graduate Student
Jaewon Chung Graduate Student
James Browne Graduate Student
Meghana Madhyastha Graduate Student
Ben Pedigo Graduate Student
Vikram Chandrashekhar Graduate Student